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Student Survey

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There are many opportunities to grow, learn and participate in my faith at Aquinas High School*
I would like to see more service activities organized by the school in the summer*
There is at least one adult on campus whom I can talk to if I need to*
I would like to see more student life activities*
There is a wide range of sports teams and clubs offered for students*
I participate in at least one sport or extra-curricular activity at Aquinas*
The guest speakers that are brought in by the school are interesting and informative*
The lunch program offered is suitable for those who buy school lunches*
School rules and guidelines are clear*
Teachers create classroom environments that allow me to be successful*
Technology/computers are available for my academic needs*
I would like to see more Electives*
I would like to see more college visits organized by the school*
Having the SAT and ACT offered on campus for the Junior class is helpful*
The SAT and ACT prep courses offered during the year and in the summer are helpful*