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2022-2023 Application

Aquinas High School is a Catholic, college preparatory school committed to educating young men and women to be people of faith, character, and scholarship.

To be considered for admission to Aquinas High School, please complete the form below. Required fields marked *

Supporting documents may be uploaded before submitting this form or you may submit them later via mail or email to [email protected]

Student Information

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Parent/Guardian 1

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Confidential Education Information

Aquinas has developed an Academic Support Program over the years to include as many students of varying abilities as possible; however, all of our students are fully included in the classroom and need to be able to function with supports in place that do not require a one-to-one student/teacher ratio for implementation. Aquinas does not offer a comprehensive developmental program and is not equipped to handle learning disabilities, behavioral/emotional disorders, or other conditions that require a modified curriculum or intensive behavioral support. If after the student has been admitted, the school becomes aware of additional information that impacts the school’s ability to serve the student, the school reserves the right to change its admission decision.

Has the student ever been retained a year?*
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Has the student ever been expelled from school?*
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Has the student ever been recommended for SST or RTI?*
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Has the student ever been enrolled or recommended for placement in any special education classes?*
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Does the student have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan?*
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If your student currently receives educational support (e.g., IEP, 504, academic accommodations, testing accommodations), the most recent educational testing and all documentation must be submitted with this application.

Has the student ever been recommended for a gifted program?*
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Supporting Documents

Applying for 9th

  • 1st semester report card
  • Most recent standardized test scores
  • Discipline records
  • Special program records- if applicable

 Transfer students

  • Application Essay
  • Standardized test scores
  • Current high school records to include transcript attendance and discipline

*If you do not have your supporting documents at this time you can submit them to Tim Przybysz ([email protected]) at a later date.

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