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2022-2023 Handbook Compliance Form

You can review the 2022-2023 handbook at https://www.aquinashigh.org/apps/pages/handbook. Please complete the compliance form by Friday, August 5th.

Please note, if you have multiple children enrolled at Aquinas, you must submit a compliance form for each student.

Student Grade*
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I have read the Aquinas High School student handbook and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Aquinas High School.



This information is confidential and necessary for the health and safety of your child.

Does your student take any medications on a daily/regular basis*
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Is your student allergic to anything?*
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If yes, does he/she carry an Epipen?
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I authorize Aquinas High School or its representatives to take and use photographs of my student for any lawful purpose, including purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content in connection with school programs, projects or events.


The Aquinas computer network, computers, and access to the Internet are available to students for educational purposes. Access is a privilege, not a right, and students are responsible for good behavior when using school and/or personal technology.

Some materials that are accessible via the Internet may contain inappropriate or offensive content. However, we believe the benefits of Internet access exceed any disadvantages and partner with parents in providing guidance and standards that students should follow when using technology.

I grant permission for my son or daughter to access the Aquinas computer network, computers, and Internet. I accept responsibility for setting and conveying standards for my son or daughter to follow when selecting, sharing, or exploring media and information resources.


Parent and student contact information including name, address, phone number and email could be published in a Student Directory that is made available at the beginning of each school year to current students, current parents, and school staff. If you would like to have your information withheld from the directory, please contact the school at 706-736-5516 by August 31, 2022.


The owner of the technology is responsible for the safe-keeping, storage, updating, charging and usage of the device. Aquinas High School is not liable for theft, loss, or damage. All users bringing a personal devices must agree to the following conditions:

  • The Aquinas High School Code of Conduct rules apply to personal technology use.
  • The user takes full responsibility for his or her technology.
  • The technology must be used for instructional purposes only.
  • There will be no unauthorized recording of audio, pictures, or video.
  • The teacher is in charge of the classroom and can request at any time for personal devices to be put away.
  • The use of personal technology is a privilege and not a right and can be revoked at any time.
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