AP Exams Schedule

Date and Time Exam Location
Monday, May 3rd @ 8 AM AP Government Gym
Tuesday, May 4th @ 8 AM AP Calculus AB and BC Gym
Tuesday, May 4th @ 12 PM AP Human Geography Gym
Wednesday, May 5th @ 8 AM AP English Literature and Composition Gym
Wednesday, May 5th @ 12 PM AP Physics I Gym
Thursday, May 6th @ 8 AM AP US History Gym
Thursday, May 6th @ 12 PM AP Art History Gym
Monday, May 10th @ 8 AM AP World History Gym
Tuesday, May 11th @ 8 AM AP Seminar Gym
Tuesday, May 11th @ 8 AM AP Spanish Language and Culture Conference Room
Tuesday, May 11th @ 12 PM AP Psychology Gym
Wednesday, May 12th @ 8 AM AP English Language and Composition Gym
Thursday, May 13th @ 8 AM AP Seminar Presentations Gym
Friday, May 14th @ 8 AM AP Biology Gym
Friday, May 14th @ 12 PM AP Environmental Science Gym
Monday, May 17th @ 8 AM AP Computer Science Principles Gym
Tuesday, May 25th @ 12 PM AP Statistics Gym