Why Aquinas? » According to Students, Alumni, & Parents

According to Students, Alumni, & Parents

According to our students...

The best thing about Aquinas is the size of the school.  Because the student body is smaller, you get to know everyone and it's hard to feel lost.  -Maisy Welsh

The experience at Aquinas is centered around God.  -Conner Gibbs

Aquinas has the most welcoming atmosphere you can imagine for a school!  It doesn't get better.  -Ryan McCormack

According to our alumni...

I have recently been accepted into the #1 ranked International Business Program in the country at the University of South Carolina.  I am going to be double majoring in International Business and Global Supply Chain and Operations Management, with a minor in Chinese Language, and a concentration on Business in Asia.  -Madison Mueller, '16​​​​​​

From what other school can you graduate with the ability to crank out essays (stress-free), eloquently debate your thoughts in class, balance a heavy workload, AND discuss the differences in Romanesque and Gothic architecture if you get the urge!?  Thanks to the high standards of Aquinas, I have entered college with a love of learning and grounded faith that facilitates that.  Thank you, Aquinas, and go Irish!  -Caroline Williams, '17

Aquinas prepared me for college by challenging me academically, but also equipping me with skills to keep my faith in a college culture.  My major is communication disorders.  After graduation I plan to enter a graduate program to eventually become a speech pathologist.  -Catherine McManus, '15


According to our parents... 

Is attending Aquinas High School really worth it? This is a very good question considering the cost of a private education and the many good public school choices that are available. Ron and I answer this question with a resounding “Yes”. Giving our three boys, Joshua (2009), David (2010), and Jonathan (2013) the opportunity to attend Aquinas High School is one of the best decisions that we ever made. In a world full of secular influences, our three boys had a chance to grow up in an environment at Aquinas that emphasizes Christian values. The faculty and staff are dedicated to preparing students to face the pressures of a secular world and to teaching them to make good life decisions so that they can become the Christian leaders of tomorrow. In addition to providing a firm faith foundation, all three boys received an excellent academic education at Aquinas. We were very pleased with the quality of the teachers and material covered in science, math, history, and language arts. Each of our sons also completed a number of AP courses for which they received college credit giving them a head start when they arrived at college.

At Aquinas, students have ample opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and student groups. Students of all talent levels can find a place and a way to contribute. These extra-curricular activities in addition to social activities helped round out or sons and also provided leadership opportunities. The policy in our family was that in addition to academics, each boy must participate in at least one extracurricular activity every year. Our oldest son Joshua loved math and science and had a more independent nature so the rifle team appealed to him. In addition, he enjoyed helping to stage theatre productions under the direction of Mr. Loyd. His friendships with the young men on that stage crew continue to this day. The drama experiences at Aquinas carried over to Georgia Tech where Joshua was an active member of Drama Tech eventually becoming the master carpenter directing the building of sets for college theatre productions and taking part in stand-up comedy.  He is now a graduate student in Chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota. Our middle son, David, loved football and we cheered the Irish on as they steadily built and improved their football program. David went on to the University of South Carolina where he majored in Biomedical engineering, played Rugby, and was an Academic All American. David is now a first year medical student at the Medical College of Georgia. Our youngest son Jonathan sampled a variety of sports including football, swimming, and tennis. Currently a sophomore at Clemson in Electrical engineering, he still enjoys the friendships of many of his high school classmates.

We do not think that it is a mere coincidence that all three of our boys were able to make such a successful transition from high school to college. We firmly believe that it was the strong foundation spiritually, academically, and socially at Aquinas High school that helped them to develop strong self-images and a proper perspective of their value in God’s eyes so that they could handle the independence of college life. The teenage years present their share of growing pains no matter what high school a student attends. Of course, at times as Aquinas parents, our boys expressed a variety of the usual teenage complaints about homework assignments or dress codes, however, we always knew that the teachers and staff had a genuine interest in the development and success of our sons. As our sons continue to mature, we look back and are thankful for how God has blessed us and our sons through their Aquinas High School education. The financial choices that we made to give our sons an Aquinas education were well worth it. We were fortunate that we could afford Aquinas tuition by choosing to make small sacrifices such as putting off redecorating projects and buying less expensive cars. Other parents have sacrificed much more than us to send their children to Aquinas. Although we cannot guarantee that your son or daughter will have the same wonderful experience at Aquinas High School that we had, we can tell you that the faculty and staff at Aquinas are committed to the success of their students in life, both spiritually and academically. We are very glad that we chose for our sons to become part of the Aquinas family and we will remain supporters of this great high school for years to come.  -Barb and Ron Mysona