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The Summa Award is given to the students who rank in the top 10 of their class.  Awards are presented in August and are based on the students' rank at the conclusion of the previous academic year.
2021 SUMMA Award Winners
Front Row: Savannah Bunker, Lauren Murphey, Katie Welsh, Charlie Hargrove, and Johnny Litchfield
Back Row: Vee Merry, Luci Curkovic, Camden Parada, Frank Anderson, and Sophia Flanagan
2021 Junior Summa Award Winners
      (Front Row) Grace Malia, Caroline Jackson, Susie Hagler, Daniella Curkovic, and Britt Bennett
      (Back Row) Paul Conner, Eli Cosper, John-Frederic Merz, Kat Lanham, and Carlisle Overstreet
           Front Row: Charlotte Schow, Kay Burack, Anne Cearley, and Kacey Axon
           Back Row: Ian Trachl, Noah Theobald, Jonah O'Neill, Parker Ciamillo, James McBride, and
                                 Donny Loebl
2020 Summa Award Winners
2020 Summa Award winners Sophomores
(Left to Right) Sarah O'Quinn, Carlisle Overstreet, Caroline Jackson, Eli Cosper, Britt Bennett, Paul Conner, Daniella Curkovic, Susie Hagler, Grace Malia, John-Frederic Merz
2020 Summa Award winners Juniors
(Left to Right) Noah Theobald, Ian Trachl, Jonah O'Neill, Donny Loebl, Kay Burack, James McBride, Parker Ciamillo, Malia Lucas, Cordelia Gillenwater, Kacey Axon
2020 Summa Award Winners Seniors
(Left to Right) Lili Ross, Anthony Ramage, Waters Jordan, Lucie Banks McDonough, Jonathan Bussey, Jack Hanling, Jackson Ginn, Danny Conner (not pictured: Kevin Boudreaux and Kaitlyn Bagnoni)

2019 Summa Award Winners

Summa Award Winners Sophomores
Back Row (L to R): Donny Loebl, Lucas Yeh, Noah Theobald, Frank Gibbs, Parker Ciamillo, Jonah O'Neill
Front Row (L to R): James McBride, Malia Luca, Kacey Axon, Nicholas Coskren
Summa Award Winners Juniors
Back Row (L to R): Kevin Boudreaux, Jackson Ginn, Waters Jordan, Jonathan Bussey, Danny Conner, Jack Hanling
Front Row (L to R): Lucie Banks McDonough, Kaitlyn Bagnoni, Lili Ross, Anthony Ramage
Summa Award Winners Seniors
Back Row (L to R): Jimmy Nguyen, Owen Navarre, Anthony Gilles, Ward Tyre, Aidan Byrd
Front Row (L to R): Anna Capps, Emily Tribby, Mia McBride, Kimberly Mazurek, Kelley Tran

2018 Summa Award Winners

2018 Summa Award Winners from the Sophomore class
Back Row: Kevin Boudreaux, Waters Jordan, Danny Conner, Anthony Ramage, Jonathan Bussey, Sebastian Green, Jackson Ginn
Front Row: Sierra Kayea, Lili Ross, Kaitlyn Bagnoni
2018 Summa Award Winners from the Junior Class
Back Row: Anthony Gilles, Owen Navarre, Ward Tyre, Aidan Byrd
Front Row: Susan Bronikowski, Kelley Tran, Emily Tribby, Kimberly Mazurek, Anna Capps, Mia McBride
2018 Summa Award Winners from the Senior class
Back Row: Charlie Davis, Noah Navarre, Tripp Bennett, Jack Yeh
Front Row: Virginia Wayt, Bailey Kozlowski, Tess Conner, Ally Mitchell, Allie Ristroph, Meghan McBride