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As a college prep school, our goal is prepare our students for college.  We utilize our three levels of courses (college placement, honors, and advanced placement) to appropriately challenge each student to prepare them for the rigor of college.  A student enrolling as a freshman can expect to follow a path similar to what is laid out on the table below.  To view a particular course description, select the corresponding department and look for the title of the course listed in bold text. 
Class of 2022 and Beyond: 4-Year Planning Guide
 (CP=College Placement, H=Honors, AP=Advanced Placement)
  Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Religion Scripture Catholic Moral Theology Roman Catholic Theology (H or CP) Senior Religion (H or CP)
English Literature & Composition I (H or CP) Literature & Composition II (H or CP)
American Literature & Composition or
AP Language & Composition
British Literature & Composition or
AP Literature
Algebra I or
Geometry (H or CP)
Geometry (H or CP) or
Algebra II (H or CP)
Algebra II (H or CP) or
Algebra III or
Pre-Calculus (Pre-AP)
 Algebra III or
Pre-Calculus (Pre-AP) or
AP Calculus or
AP Statistics
Science Biology (H or CP)
(H or CP) or
Environmental Science (AP or CP)
Physics (AP or CP) or
Anatomy & Physiology or Environmental Sci (AP or CP) or
AP Biology or
AP Chemistry
Physics (AP or CP) or
Anatomy & Physiology or
AP Environmental Sci or
AP Biology or
AP Chemistry
Social Studies
1 Semester Government (H or CP)
1 Semester Human Geography (AP or CP)
World History (AP or CP)
U.S. History (AP or CP)
1 Semester Economics (H or CP)
1 Semester Personal Finance
Foreign Language
Foreign Language
(French, Spanish, or Latin)
Foreign Language
Foreign Language or
Foreign Language or
1 Semester Health
1 Semester Physical Education
Elective Elective Elective