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Each month, house members will compete to accrue the maximum possible points for their House via competition, event attendance, conduct, uniform, etc. The House with the most points at the end of the month will be named the House of the Month.


Marquee Events:

Marquee events are select school activities where students earn points for their house by attending the event.  Points are awarded to each house based on the percentage of the total number of students their house represents.  



Points will be awarded as follows: 1st- 20 points, 2nd- 15 points, 3rd- 10 points  4th - 5 points



Each month will have a specific event related to the quarterly virtue that will earn points for the house. Points will be based on participation of the whole house and will be rewarded as follows: Highest - 40 points, 2nd - 30 points, 3rd - 20 points, 4th - 10 points

(See schedule below for details on events) 



At the end of Semester 1 only, points will be based on whole house GPAs and will be rewarded as follows: Highest - 20 points, 2nd - 15 points, 3rd - 10 points, 4th - 5 points. 


100% Points:

100% participation is defined as every student attending at least one  school sanctioned event per quarter. It does not have to be a marquee event. At the end of each quarter, the house that has 100% participation in school events during that quarter will receive 50 extra points to their total. In addition, there will be other events that will allow the house to earn 100% participation points. These points will be awarded at the time of the event and will vary in amount. 



The house with the most points at the end of each quarter will receive a jeans day. 



Each House’s monthly point totals will be tallied into the House’s Yearly Totals. The House with the most points for the year will be named House of the Year and receive the House cup to be kept in the Dean’s Room as well as have the house name inscribed on the Overall House Cup.