Academics at Aquinas High School

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

St. Catherine of Siena

Academics at Aquinas
High School

We all want what is best for our children. From the time they are born, we look for opportunities to enrich their lives. High school deserves the same consideration, as these formative years are critical in your child’s academic and personal development. Aquinas provides a college-prep curriculum that challenges every student. Our graduates leave with the faith, character, and scholarship to succeed in college and life.

The AHS Difference
Learning Environment
Program Highlights by Grade
Where Our Graduates Are Now
AHS By The Numbers

The Difference of a Catholic Education at Aquinas

Discover ways your high schooler will thrive — academically, socially, and spiritually

Dedicated Faculty

Our professional faculty provide classroom opportunities beyond a standard high school curriculum. They encourage intellectual curiosity, promote good study habits, and challenge students to think critically. In addition to having expertise in their content, they also serve as role models, mentors, coaches, and fans.

Leadership & Service Opportunities

Students grow in leadership and character through their involvement in school and community organizations. The Red Cross Board, LLS, Camp IVEY, Augusta Youth Leadership, and Columbia County Youth Leadership provide opportunities for our students to serve and lead. Through Works of Mercy, our students serve local organizations such as Special Olympics, Master’s Table, Missionaries of Charity, and Project Refresh.

College-Prep Curriculum

Our 100% college-prep path to graduation includes a continuum of courses to meet the needs of all students. With guidance, students chart their path by choosing college-prep, honors, Advanced Placement (AP), or dual enrollment (DE) classes that fit their academic goals and interests.

Foreign Language Immersion

We offer four years of language instruction, an exchange program with Saint-Denis in Loches, France, and opportunities for international travel. French and Spanish classes are taught by native speakers, who teach for understanding and fluency. Additionally, students have the chance to take a trip designed to enrich their language skills and increase their cultural awareness. Past trips have included Spain, France, and Belgium.

Learning Environment

Where we believe in God, hard work, opportunity, and each other

  • You and your child will appreciate the student-to-teacher ratio, 15:1.
  • Direct instruction comes from qualified teachers doing what they do best; this is not computer-based learning.
  • We have well-established routines that allow for focused classrooms, minimal distractions, and time set aside for fun.

Ready to experience our private Catholic high school firsthand?

See why families have been choosing Aquinas High School for a Catholic education since 1957.


Program Highlights by Grade Level

Discover how we prepare students at every stage in their journey

9th Grade

Orientation: New high school students are introduced to their schedule, our House System, and campus resources. They will meet their teachers and classmates through activities and fun.

Academic counseling: Students prepare for classes, study skills, GPA, PSAT, and MAP testing, high school resume, GaFutures, and HOPE.

Freshman courses: Schedules include rigorous core classes plus an elective option in fine arts, fitness, STEM, or Advanced Placement.

Grade-level retreat: Students join their peers on a retreat designed to build relationships, set personal goals, and deepen their faith.

10th Grade

Sophomore courses: A rigorous schedule includes additional Advanced Placement offerings and summer dual enrollment.

Academic counseling: We are building a transcript for your personal path as you take part in career exploration through You Science, resume updates, dual enrollment, and scheduled college tours.

Leadership: Students can lead with options available in clubs, Houses, and sports.

Grade-level retreat: You can take part in faith-based opportunities designed for you to grow in faith and friendship.

11th Grade

Testing: This includes PSAT/NMSQT qualifying test for National Merit Scholars, and SAT and ACT School day testing.

College counseling: There are two days for scheduled college tours, lunch meetings with college representatives, and meeting with the college counselor to discuss academic plans.

Junior night: Students and parents review the college application process and timeline as well as financial aid and scholarships.

Leadership: Opportunities are available through youth leadership boards, House leaders, and athletic captains.

Grade-level retreat: Experience faith-based opportunities designed for you to grow in faith and friendship.

Junior courses: Complete a rigorous schedule that includes multiple AP options and fun electives.

12th Grade

Leadership: Many opportunities are available through youth leadership boards, House Captains, Tiny House leaders, and House Chaplains.

College counseling: Days are scheduled for college tours, and students complete college essays in English classes as well as meet one-on-one with the college counselor.

Senior night: Students complete college applications, financial aid, and the FAFSA and scholarships.

Senior trip: Enjoy time away with your peers at Universal Studios in Florida.

Senior courses: Complete a rigorous schedule that includes multiple AP options and fun electives.

Where Our Graduates Are Now

We are so proud of our graduates! From college athletes to medical school students, nurses to teachers, Aquinas grads do it all. While many of our graduates take advantage of the HOPE Scholarship Program by attending colleges and universities within Georgia, others opt to enroll in small private colleges, preferring the same tight-knit community experience they enjoyed at Aquinas.

Following are examples of schools our grads often attend:

  • University of Georgia
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • University of South Carolina – Columbia
  • Georgia Southern University
  • Auburn University
  • Clemson University
  • Mississippi State University
  • Wofford College
  • College of Charleston

Aquinas by the Numbers

Statistics that demonstrate our students’ success 


High School
Graduation Rate


AP Scholars
in 2023


College Board
AP-Certified Teachers

1230+ SAT Score*

Achieved by 25% of students

84% Pass Rate

on AP Exams

1110+ SAT Score*

Achieved by 50% of students


Enrollment in University, College, or Military


HOPE Scholarship Eligibility**

(3.0 GPA required)


Zell Miller College Scholarship Eligibility**

(3.7 GPA, 1200 SAT score required)

*2020-2023 data combined ** 2020-2023 graduating classes

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