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House System

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At Aquinas every student, teacher, and staff member belongs to one of four Houses. Houses are like teams; everyone belongs and everyone participates. Houses work together to compete in the areas of academics, attendance, school participation, discipline, school spirit and activities, and community service.

Quick Facts about House
  • Students are randomly assigned to Houses, giving them the opportunity to interact with students from all grade levels. (Siblings belong to the same House)
  • Each House is named after one of the saints.
  • Houses provide great opportunities for student leadership.
  • All students participate – you don’t have to be the top of the class academically or athletically.
  • Houses provide positive motivation in many aspects of the school.
House of the Year:
'20-'21- Siena
'19-'20- Assisi
'18-'19- Rome
'17-'18- Assisi