Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program

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The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program is a remarkable initiative that enables individuals and businesses to help deserving students access quality K-12 education that may otherwise be out of reach.

All Georgia taxpayers are eligible to receive a 100% state income tax credit in exchange for their contributions to Georgia GOAL. Funds raised through GOAL are used to provide tuition assistance for exceptional students desiring to attend Aquinas High School.

The overwhelming success of the GOAL program speaks volumes about its importance. Year after year, demand surpasses the allocated cap of $120 million within the first business day of the year. This leads to proration of all applications, as witnessed in 2024 when applicants received only 63% of their requested amount due to oversubscription. We anticipate a similar scenario for 2025.

Tax credit limits based upon taxpayer filing status are as follows:

Single Filer – up to $2,500
Married Separate Filer – up to $2,500
Married Joint Filer – up to $5,000
Individual Pass-Through Owner – up to $25,000

C Corp, Trust, or Electing Pass-Through – up to 75% of annual tax liability

 To secure your 2025 GOAL tax credit, you must submit your application before the end of 2024. Apply today by visiting GOAL will handle all remaining steps in the process until your contribution is due in mid-March 2025, within 60 days following approval by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

 Help us make the most of this winning program and let’s make every GOAL count! Your participation empowers students to receive an excellent education, supports families in choosing the best educational environment for their children, and strengthens the well-being of our school community.