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Continuous Enrollment

We recognize the importance of a long-term relationship with families for the education of their children. To provide a seamless transition from year to year, we are moving to a continuous enrollment model. Families will sign one Continuous Enrollment Contract that will continue from initial enrollment (or start of continuous enrollment if a student is currently enrolled) to graduation. This process allows you the comfort of knowing that your child is registered without the annual paperwork or fee deadlines.

What is continuous enrollment?

Continuous enrollment is a commitment from the family that their student will continue at Aquinas until time of graduation unless otherwise noted from the family or there has been a change by the school. The need to fill out yearly enrollment papers is eliminated, and there are no deadlines for any fees. If your educational plan changes, you can notify the school and “opt-out” for the following year.


Will I need to sign something each year?

A Continuous Enrollment Contract will be signed in the first year. For each following year, the student(s) will be considered enrolled, and no contract is needed.

What about students who are not in good academic or behavioral standings?

These students will be reviewed by administration, and families will be notified at the end of the academic term.

What if my student will not be returning?

Families must notify the business office in writing before February 15 to cancel their enrollment (opt out) for the upcoming school year. Families that fail to notify the business office will be liable for their financial obligation in accordance with the terms of the Continuous Enrollment Contract.

How do I “opt out” if we do not plan on returning?

Families will not be considered “opt out” without both written communication to the business office and acknowledgement from the business office.

If I am not signing a contract each year, how will I know how much tuition is or if I need to apply for financial assistance?

Updated tuition information will be posted in January for the following school year. The financial assistance window also begins in January.

Do I still have to complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application each year?

Yes, if you want to be considered for financial aid, the FACTS Grant & Aid application has to be completed each year.