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Volunteer at Aquinas

All volunteers at Aquinas must take a VIRTUS Class through the Diocese of Savannah. VIRTUS training outlines the appropriate behavior expected of adults when dealing with children. Space is limited at each session, and you must pre-register online.


Upcoming VIRTUS Classes that have been scheduled in-person in the CSRA or via Zoom:

3/7/24   9:00 am  ZOOM

3/13/24 9:00 am  ZOOM

4/10/24 9:00 am  ZOOM

4/17/24 9:00 am  ZOOM

4/20/24 9:00 am  St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church

5/8/24   9:00 am ZOOM


Click HERE to view other upcoming VIRTUS training sessions.


How to Register for a VIRTUS class:

Go to


1) Choose First Time Registrant

2) Choose Begin the Registration Process

3) Under Select Your Organization Choose Savannah, GA (Diocese)

4) Hit Select

5) Create a User ID and password

6) Type your info

7) Select the Primary Location where you will be volunteering/working (Aquinas)

8) It will ask if you work or volunteer at another location. Select any other roles

9) It asks if you are full/part-time. Click that you are a VOLUNTEER, 

If it asks if you have had a background check click NO(even if you have had one somewhere before).

10) Read the Code of Conduct. Click that you have.

11) It will ask if you have already attended? Say No

12) Choose the session you are going to attend.