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2020 AP Tests

All students in an AP class are required to take its AP exam. Most exams cost $94; the only exception is AP Seminar which is $142. You have 3 options to pay:
  1. You may pay with a check made out to Aquinas High School. Please bring your check and completed form (see the PDF below) to Mrs. Wolfe.
  2. You can pay online (NOTE: there are additional transaction fees if you pay online). The cost for each test online is $97.12. The cost for the AP Seminar test online is $146.55. PAY ONLINE HERE.
  3. You may also pay through your FACTS account. Assuming that you have your FACTS account set-up to withdraw directly from your checking account, there is no additional administrative fees. Therefore, if you pay via FACTS, the cost is $94.  For the AP Seminar test the cost is $142. Aquinas will add the appropriate amount to your monthly payment for the next 3 months. To initiate this payment method please complete THIS FORM.